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One Tree initiative will give a tree seedling for every tree felled for timber and biofuels.

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Accelerating the rate of planting new trees

Majority of households in Nyandarua and Nakuru counties rely on private forestry for livelihood. Farmers cut and supply local timber sawmills with mature trees which are converted into construction timber and biofuels. The rate at which harvesting is done is usually higher that the rate at which restoration of new tree seedlings is done. One Tree initiative intends therefore to acerate the rate at which new trees are planted after cutting to make commercial private forestry viable and sustainable. Other benefits include restoration of forest cover, of reducing carbon footprint and improve livelihoods.

  • Mission: To offer for free exotic fast growing tree seedlings and extension services to small scale tree farmers to replace felled trees.
  • Vision: To promote sustainable small scale commercial forests for households living in Nyandarua and Nakuru Counties and other parts of Kenya where private forestry is the main economic source of livelihoods.


Trees planted

Farmers Trained

livelihoods improved